Lester | Nabibaksh, Ltd. Consulting Services


Lester-Nabibaksh Consultants, Ltd. aspire for a leadership role in the public relations and marketing industries. We aim at providing comprehensive, efficient, and successful services to our distinguished clientele.

Public Affairs and Relations

Lester|Nabibaksh Consultants, Ltd. provides a comprehensive methodology to their clientele for their public affairs and relations projects. To ensure a client’s message is received positively, LN Consultants engages in identifying potential issues related to a project, establishing, strengthening and maintaining a relationship with governmental agencies, public and private entities and organizations by designing and implementing a strategy to gain support by managing the flow of information between individuals, organizations, government agencies to ensure positive conclusions.

Image Branding
Press Kits

Design And Marketing

Lester|Nabibaksh Consultants, Ltd. provides a wide-ranging approach in the design and marketing aspects for their clients’ projects. Utilizing an all-inclusive approach, LN Consultants employs the philosophy that consistency is the most pervasive tool in conveying a clients’ message to the forefront of their industry by designing and marketing a client image through paralleling themed images.

Business Cards
Business Letterhead Design
Brochure Design
Website Design
Site Maintenance
Graphic Arts

Community Relations And Outreach

Lester|Nabibaksh Consultants, Ltd. believes that sharing of knowledge and intent are key elements for all involved entities of a project. The purpose of the Community Relations and Outreach is to provide partnership between governmental agencies, public and private entities and organizations and the communities intended to be served. Through information exchange, partnership and sponsored events, LN Consultants works with their clients to ensure the successful completion of projects.

Brochure Design

Meeting And Event Planning

Lester|Nabibaksh Consultants, Ltd. believes that utilizing methodical and meticulous organization and preparations are key elements when planning meeting or event assignments. Having a complete knowledge and understanding of the event’s objectives and goals includes knowing the proper venue selection / accommodation, food, attendees, speakers, and, activities are just a few elements to ensure success.

Venue Preparation
Multi-Media Coordination